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Email Marketing Mistakes Happen.

From spelling mistakes, unintentional broadcasts, missing information, and more … it happens to us all.

After all of that time and effort … you hit send …  no more tweaks, no more alterations. And then you spot a mistake. Or one of your readers points it out to you. Or a co-worker asks, “Did you mean to send that out like that?” Sure it can be an anxious and somewhat disheartening moment. But it’s really a pretty simple matter to send our a corrected email.

As awesome as we email marketers are, we are all human. And mistakes will absolutely happen. It’s how you respond to them that counts. Consider this “oops” from HBO Max:

email marketing mistakes

There’s no real “blame” to it. And,HBO doesn’t seem to be overly concerned that there will be irepparable damage sone. It’s really just a lighthearted, empathetic message that admits a mistake, issues the apology, and just feels very human and relatable.

Our very own CEO, Brian Rooney, recently sent out an email to our Top Affiliate Producers with a subject line that simply read “test”. When the email marketing mistake was pointed out, he simply created a new message using the appropriate subject line and admitted the mistake. During the webinar that evening, he used it as an example. He said, “I’ve been doing this over 20 years and I STILL make mistakes!”. The leaders on the meeting laughed and admitted to making similar mistakes in their own campaigns.

It doesn’t have to be devastating.

Some companies even make fun of themselves. American Eagle sent out a broadcast email that had an image that didn’t load correctly. It was “glitchy” and flashed back and forth. Not only did they company send out a new email, they added a discount code: NOGLITCH.

It was smart. It was funny. It probably resulted in even more sales.

The decision to apply humor or a little humility (or both) will be a choice you make in the moment and will depend on your readers.

The primary thing to remember is that email marketing mistakes do happen. And, thanks to technology, the mistakes can usually be corrected very quickly.

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