Strong Brand Identity for Long-Term Success: The Guide

Step 2: Dig deep to learn about your audience.

If you want your brand to click with your customers, you must know them and their interests. When researching, find answers to: • Who are your buyers? • What do they do? • What are their interests, likes and dislikes? • Where can you find your target buyers? • When they buy and how often? • What’s their purchasing budget?

For new business owners:

Check different survey reports, polls, conversations on social media sites, blogs, and connect with various community groups to gather information.

For old business owners:

Refer to polls and comment sections on different social media pages and analyse where you are lacking and what they like of other competitors. You can interact with them and ask whether they would recommend your brand, what changes would they prefer to see, or if they are considering some other brand before yours and why.

Step 3: Research on your competitors.

You cannot survive without learning about your competitors. Analyse various reports and feedback to understand why they were able to build strong brand identity or why customers prefer their products. Evaluate every detail available on social media, webinars, different marketing campaigns, and the like. Make a note of their: • Tagline, value, and goals • Marketing channels • Customer feedback • Communication medium • Visual identity Remember, the goal of researching about your competitors is not to copy their branding and marketing strategies but to take inspiration to deliver better to your customers without compromising on your mission.

Step 4: Find your brand voice.

Now that you’ve completed your market research, it’s time to get creative. Start with your brand voice. Determine whether you want it to be friendly or professional yet humorous. Whatever voice you choose, make sure you are consistent and conversational with your posts – be it your website content or emails. Your customers shouldn’t feel as if a robot is marketing a business. If you want to connect with people, you have to make them feel valued. Also, stick to a specific brand message, so you don’t confuse your audience.

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