Remote Work 101: Effective Tips to Virtually Manage your Team

5. Be Supportive and Encourage Team Bonding

You need to be a source of motivation to your team members. When your workers are happy, your clients will also be happy. Because the workers will give their best to make sure they surpass your goals and double your estimated profit. Ask workers about their personal life, make sure you do not only care about their output but about them too. You could also share effective website ideas that will help them earn money.The motivation should not be shouldered by you alone, encourage them to check on one another. This will help to build a positive team spirit. Schedule informal meetings where everyone can get together without discussing work-related issues.

Bonus tip

Your employees can use different locations to improve their productivity! We are talking about such a new way of organizing space for work in the office, like coworking, which has many advantages.

What is coworking?

Coworking is an analog of a regular office, very similar to open space. The main difference is a recreation area and a small kitchen where you can make tea and coffee, warm up food brought from home, and snack in comfort. From English, coworking is translated as “teamwork.” In such a zone, employees can gather at the same table, discuss work processes, perform everyday tasks, and interact. Moreover, there may be employees in the same territory who are now working on different projects and for entirely different employers. By the way, public centers for people in business and hackerspaces, which began to appear in various countries at the end of the last century, became the prototype of modern coworking. Officially the first coworking space was opened in 2005 after the concept of such a workspace was improved and underwent many changes.

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