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7. Website Development and Management

At the outset, many start-ups try to develop and manage their own websites using popular website builder tools, free templates, or at times running the business without a website. Others invest in in-house development teams to build their websites and apps. This approach can be both costly and ineffective. Even a cursory internet search will lead you to stellar agencies that develop stunning websites at very low prices.

It is almost always better to outsource website and app development to these specialized software development firms that have years of experience in building such products. When outsourcing your website development tasks, ensure that you draw up a contract for regular management of your site, which includes ensuring security, backups, and continuous availability.

For most new businesses, the WordPress content management system (CMS) will work best. WordPress is the most popular CMS, powering over 64% of websites. While there are other good site builders, using WordPress will make it much easier to find affordable developers and web designers to help you make your site successful. Using such a popular system will also help ensure you will have ongoing support and updates from a vibrant community.

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