How to Align Product, Marketing, and Sales Goals in 2022

How to Align Product, Marketing, and Sales Goals in 2022

The new year is here, which means businesses are reevaluating goals, budget constraints, and roadmaps for the upcoming year. It’s an excellent opportunity to redirect company efforts and eliminate inefficiencies. Unfortunately, in most cases, product, marketing, and sales goals are far from aligned as department heads compete with one another for resources or priority.

It’s a story almost as old as time. Product creators continually want to innovate and make the best product possible. Meanwhile, your marketing team wants to increase visibility no matter the cost. Your sales department may wish to do whatever is most profitable in the short term, even if that doesn’t gel with the needs of other teams.


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Although these goals seem inherently opposed, there are ways to make them work together. Just as you must align goals with business partners, so too must you focus on internal alignment. Done properly, your product, marketing, and sales goals can be aligned for a fantastic 2022. Let’s break down how you can do just that.

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