How the Right SEO Strategy Improves eCommerce Conversions

Attracting the Right Customers

Here’s a problem some eCommerce shop owners face: It appears that organic search is attracting a decent number of guests to their shops, but those guests aren’t making purchases often. There are many reasons this could be the case. Often, this occurs because users who click on a link in a search results page are actually looking for different types of products than the ones on said page. Once again, an SEO strategy for eCommerce will involve some degree of keyword research. When you choose and implement the right keywords, your pages are more likely to attract attention from guests who are genuinely looking for the products those pages feature. This, of course, will result in a higher conversion rate. It can also reduce your bounce rate (which is, in fact, one of the goals of an effective SEO strategy). Your bounce rate is the rate of guests who leave your site after only visiting a single page. Guests who click on your link only to find products that aren’t what they’re looking for will likely fall into this category. A high bounce rate can have a major negative impact on your rankings in search results pages. Luckily, when you choose the right keywords to attract customers looking for the products your eCommerce shop offers, you’ll be attracting guests who are probably more inclined than others to visit additional pages on your site. This will help you avoid the negative effects a high bounce rate can (and typically will) yield. All that said, if you’re not an expert in SEO for eCommerce, you should strongly consider partnering with those who are. SEO can be complex. Your strategy is more likely to yield results if it’s developed with the help of those who understand SEO thoroughly. At Growth Hackers, we help startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed by designing for them eCommerce SEO strategies filled with growth hacking techniques. If you think that a bit of extra help might be necessary to help you grow your business, contact Growth Hackers and we will start to help you from today.

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