9 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Include Every Social Media Platform

6. Keeping Up with Latest Digital Updates

Every social media channel is constantly making new updates. You won’t be able to keep up with the latest digital trends and updates if you’re spread too thin. Instagram, for instance, has changed over the last ten years. They went from once being a simple photo-sharing app to adding elements of a video that range from fifteen seconds to fifteen minutes. Then there are the daily stories to be shared that give real-time updates associated with your business. That’s just one platform of the many you’ll need to keep up with. There is also understanding and learning how their algorithms change. Algorithms, specifically when we’re talking about social media, is how an application decides what type of content is being distributed to your followers, despite when the content was posted. However, algorithms could change every few years or even every few months. In order to make sure your content is being shared and reaching the maximum amount of users, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest updates that are happening on the social media channels your business is on.

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