4 Tips for eCommerce Content Personalization to Increase Your Sales

3. Use Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting marketing campaigns promote products to customers after they leave online stores. You can use emails, push notifications, and chatbots to reconnect with customers and encourage them to visit your store again.
Personalization is a must to make that happen. The mere fact that someone has agreed to receive email newsletters or browser push notifications, or subscribed to a Messenger bot means they expect relevant recommendations from you.
Here’s how to make personalized retargeting campaigns:
Chatbot messages—you can send automatic messages about sales, promotions, abandoned cart notifications, coupons, and blog article updates.
Ealy Construction builds a lead base with this Messenger chatbot on the homepage. If a visitor chooses to continue with their Facebook account, the brand receives access to their profile data, which it could use for marketing.

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