4 Tech Tips for the Unskilled Online Business Owner

4 Tech Tips for the Unskilled Online Business Owner

Running a small online business can be a tremendous challenge, especially when you are competing against larger companies. Trying to keep up with businesses that have larger budgets and more resources can seem nearly impossible. But it is becoming particularly more challenging for business owners who are not exactly tech wizards.

Very few small eCommerce business owners have a network of IT experts available to help them set up, troubleshoot, and utilize technology. So, it’s no wonder that 95% of business owners admit to struggling when it comes to using technology designed to help grow their company.

Technology is (obviously) crucial to operating any business in modern times. The vast majority of customers discover and often purchase items digitally. Additionally, data technology and software are used today for nearly every aspect of business operation.

The latest technology can feel overwhelming and confusing to business owners who aren’t very tech-savvy. But there are some basics business owners can easily pick up to help get ahead. Let’s discuss.

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