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Top 11 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Before you decide to invest in email marketing, it’s worth learning about its advantages. Here is a list of our Top 11 reasons to use email marketing in your business.

1. Low cost

Probably the first question on your mind is – how much does email marketing cost?

To run professional email campaigns, all you need is an email list, a basic strategy, and an email marketing software provider to run effective email marketing campaigns.

Most professional email service providers offer several plans based on the size of your email marketing list (number of subscribers.) The more subscribers your list has, the more your costs go up.

TrafficWave offers a 30 day free trial to get started and then charges just $17.95 per month no matter how big your list grows.

2. Full control

From start to finish, you have full control over your email marketing communication.

You can:

  • design your assets (e.g. web forms, emails, and landing pages)
  • integrate with many 3rd party solutions
  • decide on the kind of email marketing campaign you want to run
  • segment your email list for precise targeting
  • tag your contacts for better personalization
  • build email marketing automation workflows that’ll help you deliver even more targeted emails at the most optimal time

The only thing you can’t fully control is your email deliverability, but if you follow email marketing best practices and engage your audience effectively, you won’t really need to stress over your emails missing the inbox.

Speaking of inbox placement, it’s worth mentioning that the global average inbox placement is around 83%, according to the Return Path Deliverability Benchmark report.

Deliverability Benchmark Report 2020. Source: Return Path

TrafficWave emails are consistently delivered in the mid to high 90% range. Compared to other digital channels where the organic reach is heavily dependent on the ever-changing algorithms, this result gives you a much better chance of reaching your audience with your marketing communications.

3. Precision

This is a big key in our Top 11 reasons to use email marketing.

Unlike with other marketing channels, when you send you email marketing campaign you are targeting people who you already know and have their details in your contact list.

They got there through one of your contact forms on your blog post, attended a webinar you organized, or maybe downloaded an ebook you were promoting.

While doing so, they not only gave their contact details but also showed you what topics they’re interested in.

In addition, if you’re using an email marketing service like TrafficWave you get access to a variety of data that you can use to send even more targeted campaigns.

Starting from the basics, you can target specific segments like new subscribers, existing customers, or your most loyal customers.

When you decide to dig deeper into the analytical dashboards available, you can target specific email accounts that clicked on your call to action or visited your website but didn’t end up converting.

And when you want to turn it up a notch, you can even run a/b testing campaigns to analyze which individual elements in your marketing campaign (e.g. subject line, call to action, offer) drive sales and which ones detract users from your key goal.

4. Ease of use

Creating an email marketing campaign is simple.

You can design your email templates, signup forms, and marketing automation workflows quickly and easily from within your members area.

And if design isn’t your thing, you can just use ready-made templates to set up your first email marketing campaign in next to no time.

5. The preferred marketing medium

According to both the DMA and Adobe, most people prefer to be contacted and receive offers from companies through email rather than other channels.

The results of these studies make perfect sense since well-designed marketing emails are relevant and non-intrusive. Emails wait in the inbox and subscribers decide on the right moment to open and read an email. And if they no longer want to receive the content, they can unsubscribe with a single click.

top 11 reasons to use email marketing
2018 Consumer Email Survey report. Source: Adobe

6. You can reach mobile device users

More and more of us are checking email on our mobile devices. While waiting on an order to arrive, waiting in line at an event, or just scrolling through their device at home, their email is a click away.

This means that you can reach your customers and influence their buying decisions wherever they are. You can also integrate your online and offline marketing e.g. by collecting email addresses at events or during shopping at a brick-and-mortar location.

7. You Own Your List

Traditionally, digital marketing strategy is divided into paid, earned, and owned media. Email falls into the owned media category when you build and manage your list. This means that your business has full control over this online marketing channel.

In fact, over time, your email list can become your greatest online marketing asset: a massive database of people who want to hear from your brand.

If you use professional email marketing services, your emails will reach almost everyone on your email list as opposed to e.g. social media, where you cannot control your organic reach. That’s why investing too much in social media following is often called building a house on rented land.

When you build the list you own the list. You control the list.

top 11 reasons to use email marketing
The Digital Marketing Mix. Source: SEJ

8. Targeted and personalized communication

You can collect relevant information from your contacts along the subscription process and use it to tailor the communication to their needs and preferences. Based on the data collected, you can create segments of people sharing common traits and deliver them content that’s relevant and builds customer loyalty.

Your subscribers will stay on your list as long as they see value in your communication – that’s why over time you can build a big email list that brings impressive revenue.

9. Easy to measure results

You have full control over your email marketing efforts. Track your open rates, your click-through rates, and know exactly which part of your email message is bringing you the best results.

10. Fully automated

By setting up chaining and tagging, you can automate your workflows to follow up with users that take certain actions (and those users who don’t). This level of control gives you the ability to dial in your results to improve profitability.

11. Excellent return on investment

Data has proven time and time again that email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel. If you run and measure your email marketing activities the right way, they’ll become a proven source of revenue for your business.

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